Remanufactured Robots

For maximized return on investment

An ABB Premium Remanufactured Robot is a used robot system, brought to “like-new” condition, providing the same quality, performance, reliability and durability as a new robot.

ABB offers a large selection of fully remanufactured used robots on stock. This enables customers to extend their robot fleet and develop a cost efficient automated process. ABB remanufacturing uses original ABB property specifications/dimensional data and components with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certified quality.

After initial inspection to ensure traceability, strict standardized operating processes are applied. Robots or parts are disassembled, and a second inspection is conducted on all individual parts following a 152-point inspection procedure for robots and controllers.

Worn parts or parts not passing inspection are recycled and replaced by OEM parts. Prior to reassembly, all parts enter a thorough cleaning process. Every Remanufactured Robot is tested to ensure “like-new” specifications, under nominal load for a minimum of 16 hours. The robot is finally painted prior to shipment.


  • Cost-efficient and reliable
  • Maintained high productivity
  • Fast delivery time
  • Match with existing fleet
  • No extra parts or training needed
  • Reduced risk of failure
  • Maximized return on investment
  • Reduced downtime
  • Service staff is able to work on and program familiar robots
  • Compliance with latest safety standards
  • Getting a spare/replacement robot system
  • Option to upgrade to IRC5 controller

ABB’s Remanufactured Robots have been:

  • Manufactured following strict systematic processes for disassembly, cleaning, examination, and testing
  • Assembled with worn parts replaced by OEM parts


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