Remote Access

Improved productivity. Maximum security.

ABB introduces Remote Access, the first remote product specifically developed for partners to perfect trouble-shooting, as if you were sitting right there at the controller.

Remote Access is an extension of ABB’s Remote Services architecture, allowing remote access to robots and connected equipment like the PLC and HMI. This enables configuration, programming and diagnostics with the standard PC-based configuration tool from anywhere, just as if you were there on site.

Once a customer grants permission, after ensuring hardware and software related security conditions are met, ABB or partner service personnel can access and supervise connected equipment remotely. Ultimately leading to increased efficiency and fast troubleshooting.

Benefits include:

  • Remote Access and Remote Monitoring on the same secure platform
  • Remote solution to perfect troubleshooting
  • Reduction of service incidents
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Improved Technical Support efficiency
  • Access to all benefits of the MyRobot platform
  • Increased flexibility with common support platform with partners

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