Workshop Repair

For minimized maintenance cost

Via a network of workshops, ABB can repair components, including wrists, motors, teach pendant units, upper arms, and circuit boards, resulting in reduced maintenance cost.

During Workshop Repair, your faulty parts are replaced by genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components. Following a rigorous repair, inspection and testing process, ABB ensures quality and reliability at lower cost.

ABB uses original ABB property specifications, dimensional data and components with OEM certified quality. After initial inspection to ensure traceability, strict standardized operating processes are applied. Parts are disassembled, and a second inspection is conducted on all individual components.

Components that are worn or do not pass inspection are recycled and replaced by genuine OEM components. Prior to reassembly, all parts enter a thorough cleaning process. Each repaired part is tested to ensure “like-new” specifications, under nominal load for a minimum of 16 hours. The component is finally painted, if required, prior to shipment.


  • Minimized maintenance cost
  • Lifecycle management support
  • Ensured quality and reliability on repaired part
  • Full traceability
  • Audit report (on request)
  • Global ABB service support
  • Genuine OEM Certified Quality
  • 12 month warranty on repaired functionality

Workshop Repair portfolio

  • Wrist
  • Motor
  • Teach Pendant / FlexPendant
  • Upper arm
  • Paint wrist
  • Paint Teach Pendant
  • PPRU
  • Electronic boards


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