Count on ABB to quickly revitalize your robot system

Replacing existing equipment with a new ABB robot arm or controller is an alternative to a completely new installation. The replacement’s superior efficiency and performance ensure a very short payback time. ABB provides fast and reliable solutions when your robot controller or robot arm needs to be replaced, or when you prefer to harmonize your installed systems.

Replacements are provided with proper preparation, pre-programming and program simulation. ABB has developed unique and innovative technologies for backward compatibility, such as stand-alone control systems to run previous robot model generations. Replacement can also be performed on process equipment like welding guns and atomizers. ABB has developed standard plug and play packages to limit production downtime.

If you wish to extend the production of your equipment with the same production process without having to stop the production for days to redesign a new cell, or if you have limited time to look for a new solution, or if you are lacking personnel skills to keep your old equipment, then replacement is the best solution for you.

As an original equipment manufacturer, ABB has full access to complete engineering resources for upgrading and improving existing assets. Revitalize your robot system within hours and restart your production with the latest technology and best performance from ABB.

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