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Register your controller now and unlock your free ABB Ability™ Connected Services which are Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics for all robots.

  • Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics is a secure 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics service that ensures control over the status of the current fleet and enables fast notification and identification of failure and low performing robots. It quickly highlights where to act thereby providing higher efficiency and better preparation for on-site calls and technical support.

ABB Ability™ Connected Services let users remotely monitor, troubleshoot and optimize entire robot fleets for maximum performance together with minimum maintenance and total lifetime costs. Providing up to 66% fewer occurrences, 60% faster response and up to 2 additional hours of productive time per robot per month.

By registering, you can start visualizing your data coming out from ABB robots from the MyABB control system using the MyRobot tool. Users can also access ABB’s global support and warranty services. Please feel free to check the ABB Ability™ Terms  as well as ABB Connected Services Special Terms and Conditions for information related to data protection, IP and data privacy policies.

ABB Ability ™ Connected Services is also available for all your already installed ABB robots. We invite you to talk to your local ABB representative for further details.

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