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Why participate?

  • Try and see how OptiFact works and can help you to improve your Factory efficiency before buying
  • Benefits from a close and personalized support from our team including onboarding, trainings, dedicated support and follow-ups
  • Share your insights and feedbacks directly with the development team, so we can improve OptiFact for you and others

Eligibility criteria

  • You work with at least 30 robots in your factory
  • You have a concrete pain point that OptiFact can solve (Use cases)
  • You have a basic understanding of data collection in a factory
  • You can commit at least 2 hours per week
  • You accept to share your insights and feedbacks with our team
  • You give us your consent for marketing and communication activities like success stories and or testimony if you win
  • You can speak English


Built for different use cases

OptiFact is designed to help you get the most out of every day in your factory.

Optimize the OEE of your factory

Real-time monitoring
Get real-time updates on production KPI’s & act quickly on any deviations.

Customizable dashboards
Customize dashboards to your needs & share them with your teams.

Better factory efficiency
Reduce the number of deviations & increase the OEE of your factory.

Empower data-driven maintenance
Precise problem identification
Search error logs & uptime data to pinpoint the exact cause of problems in production.

Data-driven approach
Make faster decisions with a Data-Driven approach.

Task prioritization
Prioritize tasks with precision & focus efforts on area that have the biggest impact on production.
Enchance operations in your factory
Advanced data analysis
Cross data from multiple sources & look only at what is relevant for each user.

Empower your experts
Let experts rely on facts before trying to fix problems.

Anticipate issues
Be more proactive than reactive & optimize the life cycle of your machines


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Apply now to be one of the 20 companies with 6-months FREE OptiFact license.