The IRB 760FX raises the bar in Press Automation and provides customers with more flexibility and higher productivity at greater speeds and easier programming.

15-20% faster to increase productivity
With a faster production output rate of up to 14 parts per minute (spm) in press lines, the IRB 760FX is perfectly designed for the high speed press automation application.

The use of reinforced carbon fiber in the linear axis structure delivers exceptional rigidity and a considerable reduction on weight. The result is a 15-20% faster press automation robot with unique repeatability, load capacity and flexibility.

Easy programming StampWare
IRB 760FX runs on the well-established StampWare, and is designed to facilitate interaction between operator and press automation. Available on the robot FlexPendant for maximum simplicity, flexibility and cost effectiveness, StampWare includes a graphical programming wizard that decrease the time for training that the operator and robot programmer need. As a result, production is more efficient during installation, production set-up and optimization of the robot cycle.

High performance robot with servo-tilting
By integrating two servo-tilting modules (±30˚) in the linear axis, the IRB 760FX offers the high flexibility needed in those press automation applications with large and medium size panels and special processes such as part reorientation, tilting and part separation.

The two servo-tilting modules offer maximum flexibility to the IRB 760FX and allow it to work coordinately for single parts tilting or independently for double parts tilting during the linear transfer. 

The IRB 760FX is enabled for fast Automatic Tool Change (ATC) reducing the non-productive time. The ATC can be performed in both the inter-press floor area and in the bolster with the crossbar embarked together with the die. 

The new IRB 760FX is composed by:

  • IRB 760 (4-Axis robot)
  • CF Linear axis
  • 2 x Servo-tilting modules (±30˚)
  • 2 x Tooling XBar



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