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Making a world of difference in mining

Mining made better: the unseen hero of the clean energy transition

Enabling the devices and infrastructure that support a clean, comfortable and connected life are the things that often remain unseen – wires, sensors, and energy storage – all made possible by minerals and metals recovered from beneath the earth’s surface.


Drivers of the energy transition

Mining provides the world with the building blocks of modern life by enabling the technology that drives the clean energy transition. Electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels and other green technologies rely on metals and minerals, and the mines providing these materials are becoming increasingly electric, digital and automated.

Already today, all mining equipment, from mine to port, can be electrified, and ABB is helping mining companies around the world to convert existing mines from being powered by fossil fuel to become all-electric. Once electrified and automated, essential systems can be fully integrated to further optimize operations, from hoists, grinding mills and conveyors, to the large haul trucks used in modern mining operations.
Making a world of difference

The journey toward an all-electric mine

ABB Ability™ eMine comprises a portfolio of electrification technologies enabling the all-electric mine, integrated with digital applications and services throughout to monitor and optimize energy usage.

With eMine™, ABB extends its capabilities to the electrification of mining trucks and technologies to cover the entire mining process. In addition to haulage, the portfolio includes the electrification of ABB’s more traditional solutions for mining like hoisting, grinding and material handling.

Cruise ship equiped with Azipod propulsion

Leading with technology

An example of this is the pilot technology eMine™ FastCharge – set to be the world’s fastest and only fully automated charging system for mining trucks, offering up to 600 kilowatts of power when it comes to market. Using trolley-assisted hauling, the eMine™ Trolley System can reduce diesel consumption and resulting carbon emissions by up to 90 percent compared to exclusively diesel operations.

The complete electrification of the mining industry will require input and cooperation from a range of different disciplines. ABB truly embraces a collaborative, partnership approach to bring experts to the table, including original equipment manufacturers and technology innovators, to complete the successful all-electric mine journey.

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Digitalization opens doors

Embodied in ABB systems, digital technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics give mine operators full overview of the entire production chain, enabling optimal control.

Advanced digital mining services can collect and analyze mining asset and operational data, providing remote expert support to identify, categorize and prioritize actions. ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations infrastructure allow ABB experts to connect remotely 24/7, helping to keep production up and running with fewer site visits, further lowering carbon emissions.

Putting it all together

An all-electric mine is different from a traditional one – and requires the right expertise from the early stages of planning. ABB acts as single source supplier with global integration experience in electrical, instrumentation, analyzers and control systems from multiple vendors, ensuring the correct technology for each application while prioritizing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Our joint development and co-creation approach leverages the domain expertise of key partners to meet a wider range of needs, including those of mining and mechanical suppliers, infrastructure and the civil sector, vehicle OEMs and retrofitters, and mine designers.

Clear purpose

The need for sustainable, safe and productive mining operations has never been greater. Combining advanced technology with over 130 years of experience in the mining industry, ABB is answering the call.

By employing a purposeful approach, using proven methods and leveraging an integrated portfolio of electrification, digitalization and automation solutions, ABB is making a world of difference in mining.

Mining – driving the clean energy transition

This episode of The Process Automation Podcast explores the global mining industry – and the role it plays in providing the world with the building blocks of modern life, as well as the drivers of the clean energy transition.
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