Distributed Control Systems

Making a world of difference in emissions monitoring

Measuring and monitoring industry vital signs

A drone flies over a gas pipeline in remote terrain, detecting errant but invisible methane – a gas many times more potent than CO2 in trapping heat in the atmosphere. The drone’s onboard analyzer registers the leak while flying, and immediately sends information up to a cloud database.

The message is relayed to a control room, where the team initiates a repair operation, stopping the spread of this environmentally harmful gas and preventing the situation from escalating into a more serious incident.

With technologies and solutions that support smarter, safer and more sustainable operations in essential industries – water, shipping, energy and others – ABB is helping to preserve precious resources, protect vulnerable ecosystems, and promote social progress.

Distributed Control Systems

What gets measured, gets reduced

ABB’s innovative measurement solutions for detecting, mapping and quantifying natural gas leak emissions are helping to drive the clean energy transition, reducing industrial pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Airborne HoverGuard™ drones carrying laser gas analyzers can detect, locate, quantify and map gas leaks invisible to the naked eye, more than 100 meters from natural gas pipelines and assets in hard-to-reach locations.

Similar protection is available on land with vehicle mounted MobileGuard™ systems, or on foot with hand-held devices. Cloud-connected, all systems can be designed to share results in real time.

The right choice of instrumentation technology can help minimize environmental impact and reduce greenhouse gases. Flow measurement devices, actuators, positioners, temperature gauges, pressure measurement technology, and oxygen analyzers from ABB help to ensure that industrial combustion processes – like those in power plants – are operating at greatest efficiency, minimizing emissions levels.
Making a world of difference

Measurement made easy

Flexible, sensitive and comprehensive ABB Ability™ Natural Gas Leak Detection Solutions enable customers to monitor their entire production infrastructure easily and reliably, while assuring that they are compliant with the strictest environmental regulations. Additionally, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) coupled with ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer, a remote analyzer fleet monitoring solution, reduces the need for on-site maintenance visits.

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Measuring what counts

Vietnam’s Hoa Phat Hai Duong Complex, one of the largest steel production facilities in the country, recently chose ABB to supply, install, commission and activate 10 CEMS into 10 smoke exhausting pipes at different production lines and workshops in the facility.

In Australia, a new waste-to-energy plant near Perth will rely on ABB’s gas analyzers to help safely produce 29 megawatts of baseload electricity from non-recyclable waste that would otherwise go to landfills. The plant will generate enough to power 40,000 homes from an annual feedstock of up to 330,000 tons of municipal, industrial and commercial waste.

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Helping industries to be their best

With 60,000 systems installed in 50 countries across many major industries, ABB measurement and analytics products help companies to meet regulatory requirements and local emissions restrictions. Customers can also achieve their own carbon reduction goals by monitoring and quantifying harmful emissions, gaining awareness of their carbon footprint and determining where it can be reduced.

Rapid detection and resolution of critical issues helps preserve resources, cut costs, and reduce unwanted emissions, contributing to a cleaner, safer society. By helping our customers keep track of the essential elements of the world’s essential industries, ABB is making a world of difference.

What gets measured, gets reduced

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