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Working with you to ensure cost-effective compliance

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ABB CEMS, services and digital solutions team up to deliver unrivalled value for money

ABB CEMS have evolved over decades to become best-in-class solutions. They are used in tens of thousands of industrial plants worldwide to measure and report regulated emissions to air.

ABB‘s technical support centers and field service teams are staffed by some of the world‘s leading CEMS experts. And our digital solutions really give you the edge. It adds up to unrivaled value for money and cost-effective compliance.


CEMS, services and digital solutions from ABB

From all of us to all of you - delivering unrivalled value for money

ABB  offers a total solution package which puts you in the sweet spot:

  • Certified CEMS using a wide range of approved analytical techniques

  • Data Acquisition and Handling System certified by independent accredited test laboratories
  • 600 certified field service engineers located close to the action in all major industrialized geographies

  • Cutting edge digital solutions to drive down the cost of CEMS and maximize the up time of your operations

CEMS solutions which deliver something for everybody in your team:

  • Unrivaled reliability - targeting environmental reporting compliance 24/7/365

  • Remote condition monitoring and expert advice - for faster trouble shooting and reduced maintenance costs

  • Peace of mind – your production team can focus on the process whilst the instrumentation looks after its self

Serving the broadest range of industry sectors worldwide:

  • MCERTS, TÜV, US EPA, JQA, LR and DNV GL international certifications to ensure compliance with local regulations

  • Insights into the EU IED and MCPD regulatory requirements, China Blue Sky initiative, Indian CEMS legislation and more

  • Customized solutions for marine CEMS; power generation; chemicals and refineries; waste incineration and co-combustion

Beyond emission monitoring, ABB can support you with a diverse range of process control and process automation solutions:

  • Direct-read gas analyzers and rapid-response process GCs for process control applications

  • Flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation

  • DCS process automation and data capture systems

Working for you to ensure cost-effective compliance through reliability, accuracy and service

One-stop comprehensive solution

ABB CEMS, services and digital solutions for every industry sector

The complexity of CEMS is diverse. From simpler systems for natural gas fired boilers to measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen to highly sophisticated systems for waste incineration plants measuring exotic pollutants such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and ammonia. The good news is that ABB has the products, expertise and backup services to ensure your CEMS success in each of these fields. And in every case, from the most basic systems to the most complex, we will customize the solution to deliver unrivalled value for your money.

Power generation & waste incineration

CEMS for coal, gas, biomass and waste fired plants. Combustion process control gas analyzers

Metals & minerals

CEMS for steel making and cement, including combustion of waste and biomass

Refineries, chemicals, pulp & paper

CEMS for fired heaters, SMRs and steam boilers. Combustion and general process control gas analyzers

Marine shipping

CEMS for exhaust gas monitoring and process control gas analyzers for SCR DeNOx control

ABB CEMS expertise for every region

Our experts in more than 50 countries have the local insight to help you plan for a changing world

From the Blue Sky Initiative in China to the IED and MCPD in Europe and the CPCB CEMS legislation in India, we've got it covered.

The ABB CEMS range includes products which meet the needs of the EU Medium Combustion Plants Directive. This legislation will pull for the use of many additional low-complexity CEMS systems. Our EasyLine range of CEMS gas analyzers will be ideal in these applications. The required measurements are: Carbon Monoxide (monitoring only), Oxides of Nitrogen, Sulfur Dioxide and Particulate Matter. Up to now, ABB is experiencing that some operators are implement monitoring and reporting of data through consultants using portable devices. And some other installations are choosing to install fixed CEMS gas analyzers: we’re ready to work with you.

The EU IED waste incineration plant BREF notes, which were confirmed in 2019, stipulate the need to measure additional chemical species and lower the emission limit values for others. The best available technologies will require implementation by 2024. In particular, as a new requirement, CEMS will be required for Ammonia if an SCR or SNCR unit is installed. The ACF5000 is the ideal solution using FTIR technology to measure 15 components simultaneously and it is already meeting these new requirements in the field. Continuous measurement of Mercury for incinerators burning mixed-waste waste will also drive changes through the European waste incineration sector.

As a result of the EU IED large combustion plant BREF notes, additional species must be continuously monitored on EU large combustion plants for most solid fuels, such as power stations burning biomass. The additional CEMS gas analysis requirements include: mercury, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide, ammonia and total VOCs. These are referred to as BAT-associated emission levels (BAT-AELs). In essence, this will bring the CEMS requirements for large combustion plants in Europe up to the same level that has existed for waste incineration plants in Europe for the past two decades. Many of these species can be monitored on the ACF5000. Or a combination of FID, NDIR and Laser techniques using ABB’s Uras26, Fidas24 and LS25 might be preferred. Most of these gas analyzer modules can be integrated into our Advance Optima or EasyLine ranges.

In 2018, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India mandated that many new CEMS must be installed. The CPCB has initially directed plants in 17 categories of highly polluting industries to install CEMS for real time monitoring and compliance. These are: Aluminium, Cement, Copper, Distilleries, Dying, Chlor-Alkali, Fertilizers, Iron& Steel, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper Mills, Sugar, Tanneries, Zinc and Copper. CEMS parameters include: particulates, fluoride as HF, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen. The CPCB CEMS requirements pull for different chemicals to be measured across the different sectors and our experts will be able to advise on the best match of gas analyzers to the monitoring requirements relevant to you.

The 2018 environmental legislation in China introduced the possibility for provinces to implement taxation on 44 gaseous atmospheric pollutants. Chemicals included in this ‘Blue Sky’ legislation include: particulate matter, carbon monoxide, chlorine, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, the BTEX group, formaldehyde and chloro-benzene. Most of these can be monitored using modern FTIR CEMS with appropriate data processing software, such as the ABB ACF5000, or with the PGC5000 process gas chromatograph for speciated hydrocarbons.

It is said that if you stacked all the world’s tax legislation on top of each other, 60% of the pile would be related to German tax law. For CEMS legislation a similar analogy might apply to the US regulatory framework. Concerns for public health and environmental pollution control have driven the creation of highly detailed legislation. The areas of most relevance within the US EPA framework for stack emissions control, monitoring and reporting are 40 CFR Part 60 and 40 CFR part 75. Compliance is critical and with so much at stake it makes sense to turn to the experts. You can rely on the team at ABB to guide you towards the selection and design of a comprehensive CEMS installation that will deliver unrivalled value for money.

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