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Advance Optima AO2000
Integrated analyzer system solution

Advance Optima series with a modular system design. Broadest range of analysis technology from specialized process photometers to in-line laser measurement. Centrally and remotely operable with Ethernet networks. Designed for use in hazardous areas and with flammable sample gases.

Analyzer Module


The Advance Optima process gas analyzers have a modular design that offers a long-term security in your investment. Analyzer modules can be freely combined into tailor-made solutions and upgraded or extended with new features at any time. Remote modules are easily attached and centrally operated.
The advantages to you – Advance Optima offers:
  • One central unit and up to 4 analyzer modules
    – with common control
    – with a common connection technology
    – in a common system housing
  • All analyzers use high performance measurement technology
    – Photometers
    – In-Situ Laser Analyzer
    – Oxygen Analyzer with new microwing technology
    – Oxygen Analyzers
    − Trace Oxygen Analyzer
    – Thermal Conductivity Analyzers
    – FID Analyzers
  • Multiple analyzer systems: up to four analyzer modules with up to six sample components in one system
  • Extensive automatic calibration with air or integral calibration cells, no need for test gas cylinders
  • Self-monitoring function indicates when maintenance is required
  • Hazardous location approved models in accordance with international standards
  • “Safety Concept” for measuring flammable gases in Zone 2 , Category 3G
  • Provides Ethernet TCP/IP interfaces, OPC server, PROFIBUS and Modbus interfaces


Advance Optima Series - Design Variations

AO2020 AO2040
Rack mounted version of AO2000 series

19" rack mounted version for controller, display/keypad, power supply and one analyzer module. Additional housings for external analyzer modules possible
Wall mounted version of AO2000 series

Wall mounted version
Additional housings for external analyzer modules possible


Advance Optima Series - General Data
Size AO2020 Size AO2040
483mm W x 412(597)mm D x 177mm H
values with purge box in brackets
444mm W x 199mm D x 412(597) H
Housing protection
IP 20
IP 54 with connection box
IP 65 without power supply/display/control unit
Power supply
85...115...140 VAC, 2.5 A max.
185...230...250 VAC, 1.25 A max


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Analyzer Module

The AO2000 series provides the widest range of analyzer modules. Up to four modules can be combined into tailor-made solutions.

All analyzers use high-performance measurement technology and simplified calibration that doesn't require test gas bottles.

  • NDIR and UV Photometers
  • In-Situ Laser Module
  • Oxygen Analyzers
  • Trace Oxygen Analyzer
  • Thermal Conductivity Analyzers
  • FID Analyzers


Type Name Sample Gas (Examples) Application
Infrared Photometer Uras26 CO, CO2, NO, SO2, N2O, CH4, C3H8, C2H4 (max. 4) Emission, firing, landfill, gas production, burners,
fermenters, process monitoring
Process Photometer Limas11IR CO, CO2, HCl, CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6 (max. 5) Exhaust gases, purity in chemical industries,
Process Photometer Limas21UV NO, SO2, NO2, H2S, Cl2,
Production and processing of Cl2, cellulose,
viscose rayon, plastic prod.
Process Photometer Limas21HW NO, NO2, NH3 Diesel engine, managing DeNOx, catalyzer
In-Situ Laser
NIR-Laser LS25 O2, CO, HCl, HF, NH3, ... Combustion control, DeNOx, glass & steel processes
Oxygen Analyzer
Paramagnetic  Magnos28 O2
CEMs, Air fractionating, biochemical plants, purity
Magnos206 O2 Air fractionating, biochemical plants, purity, CEMs
Magnos27 O2 Flue gas analysis, roasting gas, cement flue gas
Thermal Conductivity
Silicon sensor Caldos27 Ar in O2, H2 in Ar,
H2 in N2/Air
Hydrogen purity, turbo generator, inert gas monitoring,
UEL/LEL monitoring
Glass cell Caldos25 H2 in Cl2, SO2 in N2/Air,
H2 in N2/Air
Chlorine production, sulfur dioxide in smelter-off gas,
ammonia dissociation
Flame Ionization
FID Detector Fidas24 Hydrocarbons Volatile organic compounds, emission monitoring,
automotive industries, ambient air, process control