Dynamic QR Code assistance for analyzers

Product identification and system diagnosis data immediately available

Dynamic QR Code assistance for analyzers provides instant delivery of the right information to the right people, enabling a fast resolution ideally over the phone. If we can’t fix your problem remotely, a service technician with the right parts and expert knowledge will be dispatched to get your production running again as quickly as possible.

Supported product lines


ABB’s Dynamic QR Code is a unique feature to display dynamically generated QR codes on the analyzer display for easy communication. In addition to static information for system identification, it contains also dynamic information on system configuration and analyzer health status. In combination with mobile devices, the Dynamic QR Code represents an innovative way of customer’s communication which allows, for instance, improved case-specific support by ABB resulting in an increased availability of analyzer assets. It is compatible with standard QR code reader applications as well as ABB’s application “my Installed Base” (myIB).


Simplicity: standardized, platform-independent process
- Easy handling, reliable data transfer
- No additional hardware or working steps required
- Simple access requires no detailed knowledge
- Standardized output

Increased availability: case-specific information and individual support
- Faster communication enabled by complete information package
- Faster resolving time due to case specific service recommendations and better preparation of service calls

Improved installed base management
- Simplified product registration & better data quality of installed base
- Complete product history


Generally applicable for all installations across all industries, especially interesting for

- Measurements with high availability requirements (e.g. CEMS)
- Installation in remote location or areas
- Installations with constraint remote access due to information security guidelines

Supported product lines

The Dynamic QR Code is available for the product lines Continuous Gas Analyzers, Continuous Water Analyzers, Recorders & Controllers and, FT-IR and FT-NIR Analyzers.

In particular, the following modules and products supports Dynamic QR Code assistance:

  • Continuous Gas Analyzers
    • ACF5000
    • AO2000
    • EL3000
    • Caldos25 / Caldos15
    • Caldos27 / Caldos17
    • Fidas24 / MultiFID14
    • Limas21 / Limas23 / Limas11
    • Magnos206 / Magnos106
    • Magnos27 / Magnos17
    • Uras26 / Uras14


  • Recorders & Controllers
    • RVG200
    • SM500

  • FT-IR and FT-NIR Analyzers
    • FTPA2000


  • ICOS Laser gas analyzers
    • Sensi+ Natural gas analyzer - GLA533-NG

For already installed base, upgrade options are available. Please contact your local ABB Service contact for details.



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Trouble with your device? Through ABB’s Dynamic QR Codes a comprehensive set of diagnostics and health data can be sent to local ABB service for individual support. Scan the dynamically generated QR codes from analyzer display with any mobile device and send it to local ABB.

Suitable for scanning are any free QR code scanner apps or ABB’s “my Installed Base” (myIB) [ available in Apple Store and Google Play Store]
ABB’s service specialists will be able to give case specific recommendations within a short time period.

The Dynamic QR Code is an integral part of ABB’s Measurement Care agreement.

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