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ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices

Make the shift from preventive to predictive maintenance and optimize operational investment


Sense. Analyze. Act

The ABB AbilityTM Condition Monitoring for measurement devices is a service product to:

  • Check and keep track of the health of ABB measurement devices

  • Provide health check reports to customers and ABB experts

  • Provide service recommendations to customers based on the health status 

  • Enable remote assistance from ABB experts

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  • Make best decisions – You know your processes, we know our measurement devices. Our Condition Monitoring system provides you with data and information from ABB measurement devices to enhance your decision-making

  • Reduce the risks – You have information at your fingertips anytime you need it. Our Condition Monitoring system is continuously collecting data for you to set warning limits and to troubleshoot potential problems 

  • Support available when you need it – You can combine Condition Monitoring with Remote Assistant service. Our experts will always be available to assist you

  • Improved customer experience – Our Condition Monitoring improves the customer experience of operating ABB measurement devices, and identifies significant and undesirable changes to the condition of each device

  • Secure – Condition Monitoring can function with or without remote connectivity and it abides to high cyber security standards



  • Remote condition monitoring via scheduled product health reports

  • Remote assistance in case of need with agreed response time

  • Service recommendations based on health report results



  • Increase equipment availability

  • Extend equipment lifetime

  • Budget Prioritization

  • Faster response time

Product variants

  • Manual solution: A condition monitoring and remote assistance solution tailored to legacy continuous gas analyzers (e.g., ACF-NT) and other ABB measurement devices

  • Automated solution: A condition monitoring solution tailored to automatize the condition monitoring via scheduled health reports for dedicated product lines (ACF5000, Advanced Optima & Easyline). The Automated solution exists in two variants:

- ABB-Connected: such a variant allows Condition Monitoring via scheduled health reports sent via email and Remote Assistance allowing ABB Service Engineers to remotely connect to the ABB analyzers

- On-Premise: such a variant allows only Condition Monitoring via scheduled health reports sent via email. If Remote Assistance is required, this can be delivered in the form of phone support. Using this variant, ABB Service Engineers cannot remotely connect to the ABB analyzers

Cyber security

The ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices has successfully completed and passed cyber security related testing in support of cyber security standards in compliance with ABB test and verification procedures, which include port scanning, network flooding, vulnerability scanning and protocol fuzzing.


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