OmniVance FlexLoader M

Flexloader M - The Power of Modularity

No matter if it is automation of single workpieces to large batches, with or without vision or by random bin-picking. FlexLoader M is easy to adjust when your manufacturing needs is changing over time.

Key benefits

Simplicity through automation

The FlexLoader M machine tending cells are extremely user friendly and quick to program, even without specific robotics expertise. New workpieces can be introduced in minutes, making “Batch Size One” a reality.

Digitalization made easy

Powerful yet easy to use Integrated software suit for machine tending operations with digitalization tools such as order management, downtime reporting & fleet management dashboards.

The power of modularity

The feeding modules is interchangeable and makes it easy to maintain, service and rebuild the FlexLoader M cell when needed.


60% Increase in machine utilization​

Robotic machine tending can prolong the production time with an extra unmanned shift with the possible to run multiple orders in one production run.

30% bigger workpiece buffer​

The new modular design makes it easy to tailor the buffer to fit both your footprint and manufacturing needs.

Prepared for 2D & 3D vision​

Select the perfect match for your workpieces. FlexLoader M can easily be configurated for either 2D-, semi-oriented 3D- or full random bin-picking.


Next Generation of FlexLoader


FlexLoader M family


FlexLoader M Vision

Next-gen digital manufacturing makes machine tending easy

FlexLoader M Vision interface

FlexLoader M Vision is a powerful software dedicated to robot guiding and machine tending with one of the most easy-to-use interface on the market.

  • New modern interface
  • Run in NC operator panel
  • Designed for touch screens
  • Order management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Safety center
  • Productivity dashboard


FlexLoader™ M Family​

Unlock the power of modularity

6 feeding types

100+ configurations

60% increased productivity

Next-generation digital manufacturing


FlexLoader FP & SC


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