FlexLoader™ SC 3000

Setting new standards in flexible machine tool tending. Standardized and flexible solution that increases machine tool utilization by as much as 60 percent while reducing operating costs.

A leader in the development of automation solutions, ABB’s FlexLoader SC 3000 sets the standard in flexible machine tool tending. The key characteristics of this model are its great modularity, small footprint and ease of use.

The FlexLoader SC 3000 is a preengineered, welltested and reliable automation solution with safety built in. Modularity means users can customize the robot cell to meet any need, for example workpieces can be loaded by conveyor or drawer. The two doors configuration enables two machining operations on each side or a swivel door that provides extra-large access to a single processing machine. The FlexLoader SC 3000 comes complete with a fully integrated robot with a pre-programmed robot code for a short installation time.

Delivers reliable production
Capable of handling both small batch and volume production, the FlexLoader SC 3000 comes equipped with a flexible three-finger gripper. For maximum cell utilization, post processes such as deburing tools, re-grip tables, marking units and air cleaning boxes can be added.

Vision-guided robotics
The FlexLoader SC 3000 utilizes the FlexLoader Vision that is specifically designed for robot guidance and has a very simple and intuitive workpiece teach-in process. The internal buffering system allows the machine to run free from operator supervision for hours, depending on the workpiece size and cycle time.

Maximization of manufacturing productivity
When compared with manual labor, robotic automation increases the machine tool utilization up to 60 percent. The nearly immediate returns – in some cases less than 12 months – is significant and tangible. The FlexLoader SC 3000 provides reliable and predictable output from the robot and machine tool. It facilitates higher machine tool utilization, up to a phenomenal 90 percent compared with traditional manual machine tools, which are in the range of 50 percent. This results in a much faster return on investment and gives a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Great modularity and small footprint
  • Extremely simple to operate and teach-in for new workpieces
  • One-day installation
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