OmniVance™ Collaborative Arc Welding Cell


Robotic welding within everyone’s reach

Experience the future of welding with the OmniVance Collaborative Arc Welding Cell, a complete welding solution that can be operated even without any robotics programming knowledge.

Whether you face a shortage of skilled welders or need to quickly boost productivity, or both. The OmniVance Collaborative Arc Welding Cell is a fast and easy solution for your welding needs.


Key features

Get started quickly

Fully integrated and pre-tested cell, complete with cobot and CE certification, is quick to deploy, saving engineering time, effort and costs with guaranteed results

Fast and easy welding

No code programming enables first-time robot users to weld without needing specific robotic skills. Save up to 70 percent of programming time with the auto-generated programming feature of the Easy Teach Device

Weld with assured quality

GoFa’s unmatched position accuracy and ABB’s industrial-grade welding software ensure high-quality output, every time

Unleash next level flexibility

Versatile system can be easily reprogrammed to perform multiple welding tasks. Ideal for high-mix, low volume production

Upskill your workforce

Empower manual welders to easily automate simple weld jobs and focus on more value-added work


Options available

OmniVance Collaborative Arc Welding Cell

OmniVance Collaborative Arc Welding Cell – LITE


Elements of the cell

Cobot Arc Welding Package

Including robot-mounted Easy Teach Device, GoFa welding cover and cabling

GoFa CRB 15000 Cobot (5kg)

Collaborative robot with class-leading speed, precision, safety and ease of use

CE certified

Ensuring the best standards to weld with confidence

ABB Arcware Application Software

Simple, yet power programming software to execute welding sequences efficiently

Complete welding equipment

Includes welding torch, welding table, wire feeder and power source for fast and easy installation

Safety Fence

Enhanced features for safe, high quality welding


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