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Wizard easy programming


Start programming your robots now - no coding skills needed

Wizard is now pre-installed on all IRB 1300 robots

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Wizard easy programming - An easy and intuitive way to program cobots and Industrial robots

Program your robot application within minutes! Wizard is an easy graphical programming interface for ABB Cobots. It is currently available for single-arm YuMi, GoFa and SWIFTI cobots as well as
IRB 1300 and IRB 1100 industrial robot. With Wizard, anyone and everyone can program their robot application.
Only a few minutes after the installation you will be able to operate your robot. With Wizard’s easy drag and drop blockly based programming software, no specialized training or programming skills are required.

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Tuesday 5 July 11:00 CET

Programming an ABB robot has never been simpler, thanks to our Wizard easy programming software. Wizard version 1.4 includes blocks for our Force Control feature, allowing you to use force feedback in your program. You can now also control multiple grippers, making your robot applications even more flexible.

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Easy to get started

No prior training needed, it is intuitive and a tutorial is inside the Wizard software

Graphical user interface

Drag and drop graphical blocks, no coding needed

Designed for first-time users

Allows first time users to program collaborative and industrial robots within minutes without specialized training

Customized blocks

Wizard Skill Creator enables you to create your own blocks


What's new

How it works



Video tutorials



Step-by-step guide

Wizard is already pre-installed on robots single-arm YuMi, GoFa, SWIFTI, IRB 1100 and IRB 1300. If it is not pre-installed on your robot, please see the following steps:

  1. Turn on your robot controller
  2. Check the FlexPendant screen to see if Wizard is already installed, if yes, you are ready to go! If not, follow below steps:
  3. Download RobotStudio:
  4. Download the latest RobotWare and download Wizard (this videos is also available on Wizard product page) For instructions how to install, please see the Release Notes of Wizard found under manuals sections.
  5. Start using Wizard. The robot instructions are inside the application. For reference please watch tutorial videos.

If you do not already have real robot yet:

Get started with this tutorial:

When will wizard be available for other robots?

Wizard is currently available for single-arm YuMi, GoFa and SWIFTI cobots, IRB 1100 and IRB 1300 industrial robots.

ABB will continue to expand Wizard easy programming to other robots in the future.

Who can I ask if I need support?

  • You can always go to the RobotStudio forum and ask the community for support
  • There is a dedicated Wizard thread where you can ask your questions
  • In the Wizard app you can also directly send feedback
  • The latest release of Wizard easy programming is equipped with a new ‘help’ feature which can assist you as you program your application

Where can I find the Wizard Skill Creator?

You can download it for free from ABB’s Developer Center Website here:


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