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Wizard easy programming

Get started programming single-arm YuMi® immediately - no coding skills needed



Easy to get started – start programming and have YuMi running in minutes
Intuitive user interface, no programming skills or special training needed
Works perfectly in combination with single-arm YuMi’s smooth lead-through function
Free of charge and preinstalled on every single-arm YuMi


How it works


Wizard easy programming - An easy and intuitive way to program single-arm YuMi®
The use of single-arm YuMi robot now becomes even simpler! ABB is introducing Wizard easy programming – an easy graphical programming interface for your robot. Only a few minutes after the installation you will be able to operate your YuMi - no specialized training or programming skills are required.

By providing essential functions such as ‘move’, ‘pick’, ‘place’, and ‘repeat’, Wizard easy programming covers a wide range of tasks. Users can simply drag and drop functions on the FlexPendant, see the results immediately, and adjust the robot’s actions within seconds.

The interface works perfectly in combination with sinlge-arm YuMi’s smooth lead through function, designed to teach YuMi processes by physically guiding it through them.

With Wizard easy programming you will also be able to develop highly effective robot programs.

ABB’s Wizard easy programming is available for free. It is preloaded on the FlexPendant of every new single-arm YuMi. Expansions to other robots will follow in the future. Wizard easy programming can also be downloaded as an add on in RobotStudio.

Until the end of 2020, ABB has made key software services available free of charge to its customers, including RobotStudio.

Webinar - ABB Wizard easy programming for single arm YuMi

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How to use

If you have a single-arm YuMi robot:

  1. Turn on your robot controller
  2. Check the Flexpendant screen to see if Wizard is already installed, if yes, you are ready to go! If not, follow below steps:
  3. Download RobotStudio:
  4. Download the latest RobotWare and download Wizard (this videos is also available on Wizard product page) For instructions how to install, please see the Release Notes Wizard found under Manuals in the Download section of the Wizard product page.
  5. Start using Wizard with your single-arm YuMi robot! Instructions are inside the application, you can also find useful videos on the Wizard product page

If you do not already have a single-arm YuMi robot:

  1. Download RobotStudio and activate your free license:
  2. Download RobotWare and download Wizard (video is also available on Wizard product page)
  3. Download one  of the 2 prepared single-arm YuMi RobotStudio stations, found in the Downloads section under Software on the ABB Wizard page:
  4. Open RobotStudio on your computer and open the station:
  5. Start using Wizard in RobotStudio! Watch how-to video here:

When will wizard be available for other robots?

  • The first phase is to implement wizard easy programming for single-arm YuMi to collect customer feedback.
  • ABB will expand wizard easy programming to other robots in the future.

Who can I ask if I need support?

  • You can always go to the RobotStudio forum and ask the community for support
  • There is a dedicated Wizard thread where you can ask your questions
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