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IRB 14050 Single-arm YuMi® Collaborative Robot


The single-arm YuMi is ABB’s most agile and compact collaborative robot yet, and can be easily integrated into any production environment. Following on from the success of ABB’s dual-arm YuMi, introduced in 2015, the world's first truly collaborative robot, ABB has developed a single-arm YuMi to expand its collaborative portfolio.


Key features

Versatile installation for convenient deployment 
Single-arm YuMi is compact and lightweight (9.5kg) and supports mounting in any direction including ceiling, table, and wall mounting for rapid and flexible installation to fit into existing production lines. The ultra-light magnesium arm rotates on seven axes to mimic human-like movements with greater agility than 6-axis robots. The robot was specifically designed to meet the flexible production needs required by small parts assembly processes including consumer electronics, consumer goods, and small and medium enterprises.

Easy-to-use lead-through programming
Single-arm YuMi also features the same intuitive, easy-to-use lead through programming as dual-arm YuMi collaborative robot, meaning workers can teach the robot motions and positions easily and quickly, greatly simplifying robot programming.

Combining this simplicity with the robot’s deployment flexibility, it will help manufacturers in many industries to offset shortages of skilled workers and help reduce entry barriers for new potential robot users, particularly small and medium enterprises. 

Extremely versatile, the YuMi family of robots can be combined in numerous configurations. For example, a single-arm YuMi can be used to feed parts to dual-arm YuMi to increase flexibility, or added as an extra arm for more complex assembly tasks requiring more than 2 robot arms.

The robot powered by OmniCore controller is now available for order.
Wizard easy programming - An easy and intuitive way to program single-arm YuMi®
The use of single-arm YuMi robot now becomes even simpler! ABB is introducing Wizard easy programming – an easy graphical programming interface for your robot. Only a few minutes after the installation you will be able to operate your YuMi - no specialized training or programming skills are required. Learn more

Key features
  • 500g rated payload
  • Small footprint, 7-axis dexterity
  • Very lightweight manipulator, 9.5 kg
  • Mounting in any position
  • Integrated gripper with vision and vacuum
  • Best-in-class safety design
  • High speed and accuracy
  • PL d Cat 3 Protective stop and emergency stop

Customer benefits
  • Short cycle times
  • Fenceless operation
  • Easy programming with lead-through
  • Lower investment
  • Easier to integrate




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What is so special about single-arm YuMi collaborative robot?

  • The single-arm YuMi’s external controller enables the robot arm to have a much smaller footprint to fit into confined spaces
  • The low weight and possibility to mount the single-arm YuMi at any angle makes it even more flexible and agile

How does the single-arm YuMi differ from the dual-arm collaborative robot?

  • The single-arm YuMi can be mounted at any angle for maximum flexibility.
  • Its small footprint and seven axis agility means it can operate in extremely confined spaces.
  • The single-arm YuMi uses an external controller that adds flexibility for mounting in constrained places or from the ceiling.

When do customers use dual-arm YuMi and when do they use single-arm YuMi?

Each assembly application is different – some are more suited to the dual-arm, 14 axis YuMi, while others are more suited to the single-arm YuMi. Still others might be more suited to a combination of both robots.

How does YuMi collaborative robot differ from the competition?

YuMi is inherently safe by design. It has no barriers, no cages, no zones, YuMi is the first truly collaborative robot solution.


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