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Expert for washing and cleaning in harsh environments. The market leading robot with lowest total cost of ownership in the most demanding washing and cleaning applications. It is designed for high reliability in harsh environments and reduces maintenance costs by up to 60%.

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Key features

Unrivalled performance in the toughest environments
ABB’s IRB 6790 Foundry Prime robot is designed for high-pressure water jet cleaning, washing and similar applications in harsh industrial environments with 100% humidity. ABB developed its third-generation Foundry Prime robot aimed at increasing reliability and system uptime, while reducing maintenance costs. The robot is available in two variants – one with a 205 kg payload with 2.80 m reach, and one with a 235 kg payload and 2.65 m reach.

High flexibility for increased productivity
The IRB 6790’s high flexibility allows different part geometries to be cleaned in the same cell with zero changeover time. This supports mass customization for automotive manufacturers as well as original equipment manufacturers and their tier suppliers. In addition to increased flexibility and productivity, this solution provides faster speeds and on average a 5% shorter cycle time, compared with IRB 6640. The robot design is focused on delivering reliability, improved system uptime, and optimized maintenance for convenient serviceability, which reduces the total cost of ownership by 60%, compared with IRB 6640.

Enhanced protection from water and dust
IP69-rated for protection from water and dust ingress, in addition the third-generation Foundry Prime robot provides enhanced protection from heat, cleaning pressure, chemicals, and dirt typically found in harsh and wet environments without the need for an additional complex protective covering. Because cleaning or washing processes are performed using detergents that can reach a pH level of 10, the Foundry Prime robot is built with a high chemical tolerance. Additionally, all external robot surfaces are either coated or in stainless steel to protect against corrosion. 

The Foundry Prime 3 can withstand 100% humidity and the water vapor of a typical cleaning application to ensure a long product lifecycle under aggressive cleaning operations. 

Key features and Benefits:

  • High protection against liquids and solids with IP 69
  • Stainless steel and nickel plated surfaces ensure corrosion protection
  • Higher thermal and chemical resistance
  • Reduced risk of washing detergent penetration by extending robot connectors outside washing cell
  • Compatible with neutral/alkaline washing detergent with pH level between 7 and 10
  • All electrical encapsulations, wrist and balancing unit pressurized and supervised
  • A complex protective cover is no longer required
  • Annual service time significant reduced, maintenance costs reduced by up to 60%, compared with IRB 6640
  • 15 % less power consumption, compared with IRB 6640
  • 5 % shorter cycle time, compared with IRB 6640

Target applications

  • High pressure cleaning
  • High pressure deburring
  • Immersion cleaning
  • Waterjet cleaning
  • Washing


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