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Online robot programming tool helps you create, simulate, and collaborate

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RobotStudio Cloud is a user-friendly web-based software for robot programming and simulation. The software works together with the RobotStudio desktop version and enables users from any location to gain quick access to robotic programs, make necessary changes and share with others in real time.  

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Cloud technology enables real-time collaboration with co-workers and end customers around the world
Simplified interface and intuitive navigation empower all levels of users to work on robotic projects ​
Keep track of different project versions and see who made which changes in real time
Built-in enterprise-grade protection features ensure high security and productivity
Best-in-class virtual controller to match simulation and reality


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RobotStudio® Cloud 

Tune robot program on the web
Make changes to a robot program and verify the simulation from any device anywhere
Collaborate with colleagues
Enables real-time collaboration with coworkers around the world
Version control
Keep track of changes and project versions, work with branches to try new solutions



Program the robot

Create and edit stations for real and virtual robots


Configure the robot

Prepare and tune your robot for production


Virtual commissioning / advanced simulation

Swept volume, import CAD’s, add physics, cable simulation and more


Advanced safety simulation

Braking distances, stop position playback and more



Optimizing and debugging

Signal analyzer, RAPID editor, synchronize programs


Virtual / Augmented reality

Program and tweak much faster if you have a headset



Automatic collision free path planning

Tell the robot where to go and it will do it for you


Sales tools

Station viewer, lighting and 3D effects


RobotStudio® Cloud​*

Upload and work together on RobotStudio projects​, track changes to RS projects








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