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ABB Robotic Depalletizer

ABB's Robotic Depalletizing solution combines robots with ABB proprietary machine vision and software to enable handling of complex depalletizing tasks in logistics, e-commerce, retail, consumer packaged goods and healthcare applications. Using pre-integrated software and vision technology, the depalletizing robot can assess a wide variety of pallets, boxes or pattern types and determine how to pick them up fast and accurately.


ABB´s proprietary vision sensor
  • ABB’s first of its kind vision sensor to solve unstructured scenarios in logistics applications
  • Using machine learning software to achieve reliable application performances
Depalletizing Software & Digital Twin
  • A real digital twin enabling accurate little effort custom application simulations to show achievable performances and layouts
  • RobotStudio® plug-in with configurable box dimensions, weights, distribution and pallet patterns
  • Virtual application controller connected to RobotStudio®
Compatible with 4 and 6 axis robots

Covering all possible depalletizing application scenarios:

  • Vertical reaches enabling depalletizing of 2.8 m high pallets
  • 6-axis versatility enabling angled picks
  • Singularity recovery for depalletizing of new boxes and pallet patterns


Key benefits

  • Can pick any type of box different in size, weight, shape and color
  • Adapts towards changing pallet patterns and SKUs
  • Easy to integrate into existing processes, and scalable to
  • Up to 2.8-meter pallet height, 650 cycles/hr peak and 30 kg max payload
Digital Twin
  • Easy to configure with digital twin for precise performance simulation


Key industries


Increasing E-Commerce demand requires more flexible automation concepts.


New options for online order delivery – click & collect, curbside pick-up, same day delivery require novel automation concepts.

Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG players explore omnichannel strategies ramping up automated.


Pharmacies and pharma retail with stable demand for small-scale automation concepts.



Mixed case pallet depalletizing
Single case pallet depalletizing
Rainbow pallet depalletizing
Robotic depalletizing enabling integrated applications:
  • Re-palletizing: Robot depalletizes from incoming pallet – boxes are labeled, mixed or pallet types are changed – robot palletized boxes on new pallet
  • Feeding automated sorting systems from pallet: depalletizing robot that fully depalletizes presented boxes one by one on to a conveyor belt feeding a sorting system
  • Depalletizing for put away: depalletizing where a robot depalletizes single boxes from pallets to feed automated storage systems



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