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  • ABB has launched its smallest ever industrial robot, offering new possibilities for faster, more flexible and high-quality production of wearable smart devices. With its compact size, class-leading payload and unrivaled accuracy, the new IRB 1010 offers electronics manufacturers the opportunity to increase their production of devices including smart watches, earphones, sensors, and health trackers

  • ABB is entering into a strategic partnership with US-based startup Scalable Robotics, to enhance its portfolio of user-friendly robotic welding systems. Through 3D vision and embedded process understanding, the Scalable Robotics technology allows customers to easily program welding robots without the need for coding. ABB Technology Ventures (ATV), the venture capital unit of ABB, will be the lead

  • ABB has launched its first range of rebranded Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) following its acquisition of mobile robot leader ASTI Mobile Robotics in 2021. Since adding AMRs to its portfolio, ABB is the only company with a comprehensive and integrated offering of robots, AMRs and machine automation solutions. ASTI Mobile Robotics’ solutions are now rebranded and integrated into ABB’s portfolio,

  • A global ABB survey has revealed a growing trend in US and European businesses towards re-shoring or nearshoring operations to build resilience in the face of global challenges – but at the same time, a significant education gap in the skills necessary for these strategies to succeed. ABB’s 2022 survey of US and European business leaders revealed that 74 percent of European and 70 percent of U.S.

  • ABB is expanding its FlexPicker® Delta robot portfolio with the IRB 365. With five axes and 1.5kg payload, the IRB 365 is both flexible and the fastest in its class for reorientating packaged lightweight products such as cookies, chocolates, peppers, candies, small bottles, and parcels. Responding to the rise in e-commerce and growing demand for shelf ready packaged goods, the IRB 365 has been

  • ABB’s IRB 390 FlexPacker® industrial Delta robot designed for ultra-fast packing has been chosen for the Red Dot Product Design Award - the second ABB robot to receive the prestigious award in two consecutive years. The global Red Dot Design Awards recognize achievements in product design, with the jury – comprised of over 50 international design experts - testing and evaluating thousands of

  • Laying the foundation for the factory of the future, ABB launched two transformative products under the new OmniVance™ brand at Automatica 2022: The OmniVance™ FlexArc® Compact Cell and the OmniVance™ Machining Cell and Software. Built with robots, controllers, software and other peripheral components, OmniVance application cells are ready-to-deploy modular solutions that can be easily integrated

  • ABB today launched its OmniVance™ FlexArc® Compact - a new, smaller welding application cell with greater flexibility, ease-of-use and better integration - to help businesses address labor shortages in welding. With the smallest footprint in its class the OmniVance FlexArc Compact helps manufacturers optimize space, while up to four robots can be added without altering the cell's structure, aiding

  • ABB today launched its OmniVance™ Machining Cell and Machining Software solutions, bringing greater flexibility and simplicity to a range of applications including sanding, polishing, cutting, and surface finishing. Part of ABB’s new OmniVance portfolio of standardized application cells, the new Machining Cell is the first to market that can perform up to eight different applications in one cell,