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  • ABB is adding two new robot families to its portfolio of large robots for complex manufacturing applications. Delivering enhanced speed, accuracy, flexibility, and a more robust design including integrated process cabling, ABB’s IRB 5710 and 5720 robots deliver increased productivity and enhanced performance with higher uptime for applications including electric vehicle (EV) manufacture, foundry,

  • Automation expert ABB and China’s leading automotive parts supplier, HASCO, announce the creation of a joint venture to drive the next generation of smart manufacturing in China’s automotive industry. The joint venture will build on the existing successful relationship between the two companies, leading to the crucial development of highly flexible and sustainable auto parts manufacturing within

  • To meet the demand for faster, more efficient production, ABB is adding two new members to its OmniCore controller family. Available for a range of robots across ABB’s portfolio, the new E10 and V250XT controllers offer best-in-class motion control, as well as 20 percent energy savings and future-proofing through built-in digital connectivity and 1000+ additional functions to meet changing

  • ABB has launched a new family of modular machine tending application cells for the metals industry aimed at maximizing flexibility and machine utilization while minimizing lost productivity caused by unforeseen production stoppages. Featuring six different versions, the FlexLoader™ M family offers a variety of ways of loading and unloading machines based on the size, shapes and amount of the

  • ABB today released its white paper on the future of the logistics industry, ‘The new norm: How COVID-19 has accelerated the switch to robotic automation,’ detailing how the pandemic is driving investment in robotics and automation in the logistics industry, with the pandemic accelerating long-term industry trends, such as labor shortages, the growth of omnichannel distribution and the rise of

  • ABB is expanding its range of SCARA robots with the launch of the IRB 920T. Designed to meet the requirements of the electronics industry for high-speed production in increasingly complex manufacturing processes, the IRB 920T provides the highest levels of speed, accuracy and repeatability for assembly, picking and handling tasks. With a cycle time of 0.29 seconds, the IRB 920T is faster than

  • ABB is responding to the growing consumer demand for choice and fast delivery with the launch of its FlexBuffer™ application cell. FlexBuffer brings new levels of flexibility for logistics, food and beverage, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, restaurants and retailers, offering a highly adaptable multi-functional solution for handling a variety of tasks such as sequencing, buffering, storage

  • ABB Robotics has opened a new Random Bin Picking test center in Jönköping, Sweden, to develop automated pick-and-place solutions using the latest 3D vision-enabled Random Bin Picking technology. The new center is part of ABB’s wider strategy to accelerate flexible automation in SME’s. At the test center, housed in ABB’s Global Solution Center for machine tending, the team will co-create innovative