AMR Studio® Fleet Manager

An intelligent and efficient way to manage an AMR fleet

Our AMR Studio®  Fleet Manager is a server-based fleet and traffic manager that ensures the best performance of your AMR system. Its powerful algorithms distribute your orders efficiently while adapting to the most challenging applications and environments.

Plus, the real-time visualization and monitoring of the AMR data, allow you to have full control of what is happening on the shop floor. With AMR Studio Fleet Manager, you can effortlessly track all orders, detect anomalies, and measure the system performance data to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.


AMR Studio® Fleet Manager at a glance

Move your AMRs at the pace of your facility with AMR Studio® Fleet Manager

Traffic and order management

Our cutting-edge software is designed to cater to the operational needs of your plant by facilitating optimal order assignment and prioritization. AMR Studio® Fleet Manager ensures that the loads are transported at the most suitable time by the most appropriate AMR for each specific situation. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it provides you with the flexibility to change load destinations or priorities at any time, giving you unparalleled control over your fleet. Also, its advanced traffic management capabilities ensure that the most efficient routes are selected for each task, guaranteeing fast and hassle-free transportation without any delays due to traffic congestion.

Fleet management

Our advanced fleet management system leverages cutting-edge intelligence to facilitate the efficient management of your AMRs. It seamlessly integrates with other plant systems, such as ERPs and WMS, and other machines and elements to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations. Furthermore, AMR Studio® Fleet Manager boasts an intuitive design, which enables you to easily make modifications, such as adding or removing vehicles, editing destination stations, or changing missions, to suit your needs at any time.

Data traceability

AMR Studio® Fleet Manager is designed to provide transparent and in-depth analytics on fleet performance. Its monitoring capabilities offer real-time data through interactive map visualization, allowing easy tracking of AMR position, mission status, battery performance, and signals exchanged. This detailed view of the AMR system behavior at a glance can help optimize the system's performance and enable informed data-driven decision-making. The performance dashboards and data history tables provide key insights that can aid in the optimization process, making the AMR Studio® Fleet Manager an invaluable tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

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