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Where can I find documentation and manuals for YuMi® and single-arm YuMi®?

You can find all documentation in ABB Library, please visit, https://library.abb.com/

Are there tutorials / e-books about programming and operating YuMi® / single-arm YuMi®?

Yes. The tutorial for both YuMi® and Single-arm YuMi® can be found here, https://new.abb.com/products/robotics/service/training/tutorials

The tutorial for RobotStudio can be found on the following link https://new.abb.com/products/robotics/robotstudio/tutorials

What is the reach and payload of YuMi® and Single-arm YuMi®?

The payload of YuMi® is 500 gram for each arm and the maximum reach is 559mm.

The payload of single-arm YuMi® is 500 gram and the maximum reach is 559mm.

How precise is YuMi®? How precise is single-arm YuMi®?

The pose repeatability of YuMi® and single-arm YuMi® is 0,02 mm.

Are other IP (protection level) versions available for YuMi®? Such as: IP67, Food Grade, Cleanroom, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) resistance for the pharma industry?

YuMi® have IP30 protection level and Cleanroom ISO Level 5 certification.

  1. YuMi® does not plan to have IP67 protection level due to that it is not meant to work in harsh environments.
  2. Currently, YuMi® does not have food grade lubricant.
  3. YuMi® is not hydrogen peroxide resistant, this can erode the padding material and also impact the paint

What sensors does YuMi® have?

YuMi® has vision sensors from Cognex embedded in its SmartGripper. It also works with ABB’s external integrated vision.

What mounting positions can be used for YuMi®?

YuMi® can be mounted on the table and floor surface. At the moment YuMi® does not support tilted, inverted or wall-mounting, doing so will impact its performance. The single-arm YuMi®, however, does support mounting in any position.

What mounting positions can be used for single-arm YuMi®?

Single-arm YuMi® can be mounted in different positions, including the table, wall, ceiling or in any other intermediate position.

Is YuMi® able to handle my assembly task in terms of external torque and forces? What maximum force can YuMi® handle?

This depends on the specific application in question. One tip is to use a scale to measure the force exerted by YuMi®. You can film the scale and observe it to identify the peak force exerted.

Another tip is to run a background task to monitor the load for each joint.

How do I program YuMi®?

YuMi® can be programmed on FlexPendant or RobotStudio using RAPID programming language.

For single-arm YuMi® IRB14050, we have also introduced the Wizard easy programming https://new.abb.com/products/robotics/application-software/wizard/

How do I program the dual arm YuMi®?

YuMi® can be programmed on FlexPendant or RobotStudio using RAPID programming language.

What smart gripper variants are available?

The Smartgripper are available in the following variants

- One vaccum one servo gripper

- two vaccums one servo gripper

- One vaccum, one servo gripper and one vision

- One vision and one servo gripper

- One servo gripper only

Is maintenance for YuMi® required?

YuMi® require only very limited maintenance. Please refer to the maintenance manual for details. You can find it in ABB Library under myABB.

Where may I have a defect YuMi® / SAY repaired?

Please contact your local customer service.

How can I clean YuMi®?

Please see chapter 3.5 in the YuMi® Product Manual for details, below is an excerpt.

Can the warranty be longer than 12+6 months?

Yes, this is under progress, extended warranty is planned for June 2020. We also offer service level agreement for customers.

When will a higher payload YuMi® come out?

Currently YuMi® can handle a payload of 500 grams, however, ABB is constantly developing new robotic products, including collaborative robots, to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Can YuMi® handle a higher payload if the speed is reduced?

No, YuMi® cannot handle a higher payload if the speed is reduced.

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