The new lightning-fast industrial collaborative robot SWIFTI CRB 1300 takes industrial-level performance and innovative safety to the next level. Designed for high payload and high demand applications of upto 11kg, SWIFTI opens new possibilities for using cobots in industrial applications without comprising on safety and speed.


Introducing SWIFTI™ CRB 1300

High payload for industrial applications

With payload options from 7kg to 11kg and reaches from 0.9m to 1.4m, SWIFTI can expand the range of collaborative applications. The industrial collaborative robot can show unbeatable performance for high payload palletizing, machine tending and screwdriving tasks.

Safety that strengthens human-robot collaboration

Taking safe collaboration beyond physical fences, SWIFTI CRB 1300 combines ABB’s SafeMove safety functionality with plug&play Flexpandant add-ins along with an external laser scanner, aiding safe and easy collaboration with humans. An interaction status light provides a visual indication of SWIFTI’s operation status.

A true speed leader for enhanced productivity

Built on the proven industrial performance parameters of ABB robots, SWIFTI CRB 1300 combines class leading industrial speed with unmatched collaborative performance. Get the best of both worlds, with no comprises on speed and productivity.
Payload and reach
  • Available in three payload variants: 7Kg, 10kg, 11kg ( Reach between 0,9m to 1.4m)
  • IP67 variant available for use in dusty, high moisture environments
  • Pre-installed Wizard easy programming software
  • Intuitive robot movement programming with external lead-through device
  • SafeMove configurator App on the FlexPendant
Collaborative safety
  • Supervised by SafeMove and safety sensor
  • Stop safely before contact with a human
  • Interaction status light
  • Safety certified category 3, PL d
  • With a Tool Centre Point speed of 6,2 m/s, SWIFTI CRB 1300 is 6 times faster than other cobots in its class*
  • With 0,02mm, it offers upto 5times higher position repeatability. 
  • Four integrated air supplies enable vacuum picking
  • Powered by ABB’s OmniCore™ C30 and C90XT controller, providing best-in-class motion control

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SWIFTI™ in action


Use case - Palletizing application


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*Safety PLC is required for connection with the laser scanner
** Safe collaborative speed may be lower, depending on your application layout. Always do a safety risk assessment of your cobot application.