RobotStudio® AR Viewer

Visualize robotic solutions in AR anywhere and at any time on a mobile device

The RobotStudio® Augmented Reality viewer application enables you to visualize robotic solutions in 3D mode or on your shopfloor, speeding up design and commissioning. The app allows you to increase collaboration in your teams that are working in the plan & design phase based in various locations. In addition, the app gives you access to over 25 robotic solutions and over 40 individual ABB robots, either in AR or in 3D mode.

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Visualize your own robotic solutions built in RobotStudio® to speed up design & commissioning phase.

High flexibility in choice of environment, at your location or in a virtual room.

One click to visualize safety zones and minimize risks.

Visualize and interact with multiple robots simultaneously.

Test robots’ reach and prevent collisions with the joint jog functionality.


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