ABB Spares and Consumables


ABB genuine spare parts come with the promise of quality, performance, and best total cost of ownership of your ABB robot.

  • A one-year warranty on all parts to safeguard your ABB robot.
  • More than 1,600 service professionals in more than 50 countries ready to support you.
  • Three global distribution centers guaranteeing availability and same-day worldwide shipment .
  • Quality tests and controls of our parts guarantee the safety and availability you expect from ABB.
  • You can choose between new parts, exchange parts, repaired parts, preventive maintenance kits, and repair kits.


Customer Support & Access to experts

We have a global footprint of over 1,600 experienced robotics service technicians in more than 50 countries across the globe, able to provide comprehensive support and guidance to help you select the right part and version to keep your production up and running.
Our experts are available 24 hours, 365 days* via phone, chat or email.
(*With Technical Support Service Agreement)

Reliability and durability

Spare parts from ABB expand the lifetime of your robot, guaranteeing the reliability and durability ABB robots are known for. By choosing ABB parts, you can reduce the total cost of ownership and save money in the long term.

Best fit parts

ABB spare parts are the perfect fit for your ABB robot. Developed and manufactured for ABB robots, they ensure you get the exact replacement of what you had before.

Lifetime product support

Our lifetime support for our robots includes long term spare part availability and repair. In addition, we offer refurbishment and partial- or full replacement to take advantage of new features, improved performance, and safety. Through our robot database, we keep track of each part installed at your site, enabling fast part identification and delivery.


We have spare part distribution centers around the globe to guarantee the fastest delivery, with orders processed the same day wherever possible. We can also offer a wide availability of spare parts in large volumes if required.

Flexibility and completeness of portfolio

Our range of over 35,000 spare parts provide you with an extensive choice of new parts, exchange parts, repaired parts, preventive maintenance kits, and repair kits, giving you everything you need to keep your robot working at optimum performance.


Available spare parts

New Parts

Replaceable components, sub-assembly, and assembly identical and interchangeable with the item it is intended to replace.

Exchange units

Reconditioned and factory guaranteed parts, modules or complete units that are supplied in return for damaged units.

Part Repair

Previously owned peripheral equipment such as controllers and manipulators are refurbished to “like-new” conditions at one of ABB’s Global Remanufacture & Workshop Repair Centers.

Spare part package on stock

Our technical expert team supports you with choosing the right spare parts to have on stock. When provided with the serial number of the robot, the team can advise which parts would be the most critical ones, helping to minimize downtime.

Part Kits

Collection of parts designed to support regular maintenance and service activities and help keep your robot operating in top condition during its entire lifecycle.


Supply of spare parts as individual spares or packaged options.


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