Collect, manage, and analyze data in production facilities all from one place

ABB OptiFact™ is a modular software platform to extract and build business value by collecting, managing, and analyzing data in production facilities.  

Optifact can connect to many devices in the factory including ABB robots. There is no need for permanent connectivity or sending your data externally, meaning users have full control over their digital setup.  

Users can build your own dashboard and organize data with our labelling and modelling tools to better display key performance indicators based on your specific needs and production processes. 



Collect data from hundreds of factory devices to determine cycle time and OEE
Increase the production time by up to 20% by limiting the number of errors in your factory
Improve decision making in the factory by tracking KPIs and avoiding major breakdowns
Analyze your data within 3 clicks through a selection of ready-made dashboards or designing your own
Make sense out of your data with the Data Manager and unlock up to 25% of your most valuable experts’ time


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Built for different use cases

Optimize the OEE of your Factory

Real-time Monitoring
Get real-time updates on production KPI’s & act quickly on any deviations.

Customizable Dashboards
Customize dashboards to your needs & share them with your teams.

Better Factory Efficiency
Reduce the number of deviations & increase the OEE of your factory.

Empower Data-Driven Maintenance
Precise Problem Identification
Search error logs & uptime data to pinpoint the exact cause of problems in production.

Data-Driven Approach
Make faster decisions with a Data-Driven approach.

Task Prioritization
Prioritize tasks with precision & focus efforts on area that have the biggest impact on production.
Enchance Operations in your Factory
Advanced Data Analysis
Cross data from multiple sources & look only at what is relevant for each user.

Empower your experts
Let experts rely on facts before trying to fix problems.

Anticipate Issues
Be more proactive than reactive & optimize the life cycle of your machines.


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