RobotWare Assembly Force Control


Revolutionary new world of automated assembly

RobotWare Assembly Force Control is an Application Option, which will greatly facilitate the use of robots for tasks that needs “touch sensing”, like assembly, fixturing, product testing etc. The option is based on the force control concept, for example a robot control strategy where the robot movements are adapted to the feedback from a force sensor. Thus the robot can automatically search for the correct location, and assemble parts using intelligent Force/Torque motion without the risk for jamming or part damage.

The RobotWare Assembly Force Control will make it possible to robotize assembly tasks, which previously have been too demanding for robot automation. Even with tolerances in the size of some hundreds of a millimeter, or assembling parts with arbitrary positions, it will now be possible and profitable to use robots in a fully automatic production. The production will also gain higher quality and less product damages.


Key features

Sensor calibration and load identification
Activation and deactivation of Force Control
Reading data about loads, forces or process status
Up to four robots can be controlled in a MultiMove cell


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