RobotStudio Machining PowerPac

RobotStudio Machining PowerPac is an add-in to Robot Studio, which makes it possible to create complex paths in just seconds!

Increased engineering efficiency within machining applications. 
RobotStudio is the leading product for offline programming on the market. With its new programming methods, ABB is setting the standard for robot programming worldwide.

Creating complex paths in just seconds. 
The Machining PowerPac is the ideal tool for programming of applications such as machining, deburring, grinding, polishing and deflashing. It can also be used with other CAD/CAM-based applications.It provides several strategies to easily generate machining paths and curves on free surfaces to run the machining program, satisfying different path generation requirements. The integrated postprocessor generates accurate robot paths from the CAM software and utilizes the strength of being closely integrated into the robot controller.

Extended tool life time and improved path accuracy.
The different path strategies increase the tool life time by machining with a tool area instead of a single point and cover also different tool contact point for different processes. As the targets and paths are automatically generated either from CAD surfaces or CAM code, a consistent and accurate result can be achieved independent of user skills. The software will automatically create sufficient number of targets in a path to make sure the path precisely matches the machining requirement.


By using RobotStudio Machining PowerPac you get increased engineering efficiency

  • Reduce programming time
    • Engineering and commissioning efficiency
    • More cost efficient handling of short batches
  • In control of the process parameters
    • Easy to create and modify parameters
  • Extended tool lifetime
  • Improved path accuracy
  • Improve product quality
  • Seamless integration with RobotWare and RobotStudio



  • Path generation
    • Create/select free surface or edge to be machined
    • Set machining process parameters
    • Pre-defined path generation strategies and patterns
    • Flexible tool contact points
    • Set path and target parameters
    • Tool axis control and interpolation
    • Flexible transfer path strategies
  • CAM Converter
    • Convert CAM G-code to robot RAPID language
    • Support G-code ISO 6983, DIN 66025 and APT-CL

  • Path and target optimization and modification
    • Powerful and flexible path editor
    • Path analysis for collision, singularity etc.
  • Path simulation
    • Preview and collision check
    • Quick simulation
    • Precise Virtual Controller simulation
  • Program export as RAPID or RobotWare Machining Force Control
  • Calibration
  • Pre-defined and configurable machining templates
  • Check/heal CAD models

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