RobotWare StampApp


StampApp provides a friendly environment to integrate, program and operate robotic stamping cells

StampApp, the core of StampPack.
StampApp is the core of StampPack, a pre-engineered package to facilitate a quick installation and commission of different press cells configurations, as well as a friendly production operation. The StampPack has been conceived for cost and time efficient building for different variety of stamping cells and ecosystems, providing the end user with an extremely easy-to-use solution.

Just a set of pre-defined signals are needed to interface with the press(-es) and other cell devices. The result is a fully automated production cell, set up in record time and ready to start producing. Moving from manual to automatic production has never been so easy.


Key features

Its graphical assistant enables robot teaching without specific programming knowledge
Cell operation becomes intuitive thanks to a graphical HMI that provides clear information about the process
Both, HMI and programming can be adapted, through the StampApp configuration tool, to different cell set-ups and production processes
It provides a framework where the created configurations and programmed modules can be easily shared and reused


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