Production Screen

Application-independent FlexPendant interface

Thanks to smartphones we have learned to take simple graphic interface configurations for granted. We simply expect features to be intuitive and easy to use. Production Screen brings smartphone interface logic to your FlexPendant creating a production environment that gives you control and allows you to work more productively.

Production Screen is a user-friendly HMI that upgrades your FlexPendant to a graphical user-interface. The software is based on widgets or graphical elements that are used to execute features of your choosing. You can create widgets or choose them from a wide selection of downloads in RobotApps.

Summary of benefits:
  • Application-independent FlexPendant portal, launches apps and displays widgets
  • Window handling, new navigation feature
  • Operator information available in an easy, accessible way
  • Seamlessly integrate Spot/Arc/Dispense/Prod Mgr and other applications
  • Possible to customize the appearance on-screen
  • Possible to create widgets using ScreenMaker or Visual Studio


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