RobotWare Spot

Dedicated Software Simplifies Spot Welding.

RobotWare spot welding options are designed to be general and flexible software platforms for creating customized and easy to use function packages for different types of spot welding systems.

The RobotWare family for robot controller IRC5 includes specific spot welding options to ensure quality and full process control. The spot welding process can be monitored and configured via a dedicated Spot Welding interface on the IRC5 Flex Pendant.

The options provide powerful spot welding instructions for fast and accurate positioning combined with gun manipulation, process initiating and supervision of the weld equipment. Optimized motion and process control gives short time per spot.

Spot welding options are general and can be extensively customized to fit unique process demands. They are, however, delivered with ”ready-to-use” functionality containing basic configuration data. Seamlessly integrated with RobotWare operating system running on IRC5 robot controller.

RobotWare options overview

  • Spot – Sequential or simultaneous spot welding with pneumatic single/dual guns with AC or MFDC weld controllers.
  • Spot Servo - Sequential or simultaneous spot welding with electric servo controlled guns with AC or MFDC weld controllers
  • Spot Servo Equalizing – As Spot Servo and additionally providing process software allowing spot welding gun equalizing without mechanical hardware.
    • Weld position touch up - Simplified adjustment of programmed weld positions
    • Release of the fixed gun arm - Automatic gun arm release when robot is moving between weld points
    • Gun arm deflection compensation - Automatic compensation of the gun arm deflection
    • Tip wear measurement and compensation - Automatic compensation of weld gun TCP (Tool Center Point) for tip wear without using external sensors
  • Servo Tool Change – Enables an on-line change of servo gun during production


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