Digital Solutions Series


OptiFact™ use case

  • Robot cell that is folding controller cabinets at the ABB Västerås factory

  • The folding cell had a history of numerous production disturbances, downtime and alarms
  • Significant amounts of valuable production time were being lost, but it was unclear what was wrong or why the factory was not producing as many cabinets as it could
  • To elevate the performance of the robot cell and to understand the issues affecting the performance of the cell, ABB’s OptiFact production optimization software platform was implemented
  • Dashboards with real-time production data enabled the maintenance teams to monitor the performance in real-time
  • By carrying out proactive actions major breakdowns have been prevented
  • After a successful implementation in the first cell, the pilot was expanded to two additional cells
  • Production time has increased by up to 20%


RobotStudio® Automatic Path Planning


Pick and place robot cell

  • Finding the most optimal path for the robot in cluttered and tight automation cells 
  • Reduce cycle times 
  • Reduce energy consumption  
  • RobotStudio Automatic Path Planning feature finds the most optimal path within seconds
  • Robot movements are smooth and singularity-free  
  • Cycle time is reduced by up to 50% 
  • Energy consumption is reduced by up to 10-15%  


Imagine. Realize. Elevate your factory automation


  • Will my robot fit into an existing production line?
  • What is the most effective robot path for my application?
  • How can I collaborate effectively with engineers at remote locations to speed up development?
  • How can I cut the time required to set up my deployment?
  • How can I make sense of all the data that my automation solutions are generating?
  • Why is my production line not performing as well as it should be?
  • Is there anything I can do to further increase productivity or power efficiency?
  • Cutting-edge digital and software solutions for the imagine, realize and elevate phases of the factory lifecycle
  • Enhance the simplicity, productivity, quality, and safety of automated factory operations
  • Ensure smooth interaction between people and robots for a scalable, sustainable future