Comprehensive range of high performance I/O modules for automation solutions

Essential Connect Suite comprises of a range of highly modularized, cost-effective, efficient and space saving IO modules. These modules can be connected as direct or remote IOs.

The S800 with its easy configuration, redundancy at all levels and diagnostics, offers highest precision for process automation tasks. On the other hand, S800L is a cost-effective and space-saving I/O module that can connect to any PLC or controller via Profibus. For applications where PLC I/Os have been traditionally used, the S700 will provide a small footprint and flexible functionality per module, thereby giving a cost-efficient automation solution. An ideal solution for System Integrators and OEMs in machine automation is the S500 I/O high signal density that gives an excellent value for money and space used.

The S900 remote I/O system is designed for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries. Further savings can be achieved through S900’s extended diagnostics and the use of HART®- compliant field devices.


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