ABB Ability™ eMine. For your world, and mine.

We are committed to create sustainable progress for today and future generations by helping our mining customers through their energy transition.

eMine™ makes the all-electric mine possible, with fully integrated electrification and digital systems from mine to port. From design to ongoing service, ABB is the partner that can transform today’s mine operations while improving the world beyond them.

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ABB is committed to a more sustainable future for mining.

It’s time for the all-electric mine. The world is ready. Are you?

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Let's write the future of mining. Together.

Did you know?

If every truck in every mine were electrified, we could remove 198,000 tons of CO2 every day from the air we breathe.

Electrifying a single mining truck eliminates enough CO2 emissions per year to save 3,000 square meters of arctic ice.

Electrifying a single mining truck eliminates the same amount of CO2 emissions per year that it would take 46,000 trees to absorb.

Electrifying a single mining truck can help save the coral reefs by lowering the ocean’s CO2 absorption by up to 1,000 tons a year.

Looking to achieve the balance between sustainability and productivity targets? Let’s work together to create sustainable progress for the mining industry, and the earth it relies on.

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ABB knows what it takes to build a successful all-electric operation.

Electrifying your mine, like mining itself, is a process. Based on industry expertise and deep experience, our team understands the challenges facing you as you consider transitioning to all-electric. But understanding is only half the battle. eMine™ makes the all-electric mine possible with purposeful approach, proven methods and integrated electrification and digital systems from mine to port. 

The framework is built on five pillars that encompass the entire process.

Electrification challenges, meet ABB Ability™ digital solutions.

Through the ABB Ability™ MineOptimize portfolio, we are able to bring together electrification, automation and digital technology like no other company. By digitally connecting all of our solutions, they can be monitored and controlled to optimize operations and energy usage in real time.

Feasibility studies, proof of concept, pilot projects and best practices

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Transitioning to an all-electric mine is not a simple task. Get started with eMine™.

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Electrification and automation for each process in your mining operations

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