ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for material handling

Increase availability, efficiency and productivity of the entire bulk material haulage and processing chain using data driven digital services

Due to decreasing ore contents and deeper mines, continuous belt conveyors are becoming more and more important. Even in global supply chains of raw materials, storage locations with belt conveyors and conveying equipment have a great influence on the efficiency of the entire transport process.

To date, however, only a fraction of the operating data is used for optimization. ABB has therefore worked with experienced operators to develop a specific KPI system that identifies optimization potential. This system is provided as a customized toolbox based on the ABB Ability™ framework with data collection, pre-processing, calculation engine and dashboards.

The KPIs are determined with the help of KI methods such as machine and deep learning algorithms to allow new services such as:

  • Performance analysis such as OEE, energy and load performance
  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Automated alarm and event analysis including prediction of critical asset conditions
  • Lifetime Estimation and Predictive Maintenance

Digital Services Toolbox for material handling

Alarm shower analysis and prediction


  • Create different and individual customized reporting and analysis dashboards via drag and drop of your installed KPIs and services
  • Select and pay the Digital Services you really need
  • Create single dashboards for certain assets, for certain sub plants, for specific group of assets - with full flexibility on customer side, e.g.
    - one dashboard to compare all conveyors with some selected KPIs
    - one dashboard to analyze one conveyor with all available KPIs
    - one dashboard for all alarm and event statistics
  • Set regular updating cycles or start the analysis manually
  • You can also create own basic analysis cards by selecting standard KPIs and trend charts and assign to signals you want to investigate
  • Download additional Data Analysis Services after first product installation:
    - download library
    - modular approach
  • Get automatic information about updates of KPIs and algorithms

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