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Reliable and efficient transportation systems that maximize productivity

With our in-depth industry knowledge and our electrical and automation expertise, we have the experience you require to fit your open-pit mining and material handling needs. Whether it is a new installation, or reconstruction of an existing system, we develop customized solutions to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce maintenance. From planning, installation, commissioning, field-testing, and service, we are with you every step of the way. Our solutions cover the entire production process, from extraction, transport, and shipping, with an integrated control concept from a single source.

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Our offering

Stockyard management system

A state-of-the-art software solution closes the gap between ERP-Systems and the operational level. The stockyard management system increases efficiency with material tracking, quality management, and stockpile visualization.

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Portal scraper and stacker

Our sensor solution accurately controls reclaiming and stacking devices, placing them in an optimal position for the uptake or dropping point, ensuring the quality of material. This solution works on equipment that is driven manually or fully automated.

Stacker and reclaimer

Whether stacker or reclaimer machines are manned, or automated, ABB offers a solution to provide control and accurate positioning, minimizing air digging and ensuring safety with no collisions.

Ship loading and unloading

To minimize handling during ship loading and unloading, ABB has developed an automated solution, GrabControl, which optimizes the grab fill and minimizes stress on the machine. Focused on safety and performance, this solution will optimize productivity and reduce maintenance.

Train loading and unloading systems

Regardless of whether you use continuous or wagon by wagon loading and unloading, we offer a solution that is individually engineered to provide a consistent process and reduce wear on your material handling equipment.

Firewarning, intercom and lighting concepts

With increasing emphasis on safety and environmental issues, large equipment needs more than just automation. That’s why ABB is offering energy efficient light concepts, as well as fire warning and firefighting systems, which can include all equipment (video, radio and speaker systems) on the machine.
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