Mining innovations and best practices

How we collaborate with the companies that operate and serve the mining sector to innovate and implement best practices in the real world - setting the new standards in mining.


Transforming into climate-smart mining

There are three major trends that are fundamentally transforming the industry into Climate-Smart Mining.

  1. The shift from diesel to electrification.
  2. Digitalization, resulting in increased productivity and more sustainable use of resources while lowering input cost.
  3. Automation, also increasing productivity and changing the way we work.

We help mining companies plan, prioritize and execute enterprise-wide initiatives towards decarbonized autonomous mining and creating value with digital. We are willing to work with and bring partners - from start-ups to established companies. Planning new mines and transformation programs with integrated solutions from mine to port and from plant to enterprise brings substantial capital savings through early involvement.


Adopt proven integrated apps and services

Optimized CAPEX, maximized productivity, sustainability, safety and collaboration are only a few of the values digitally connected products and services can create for the mining industry.

As a digital transformation partner, ABB enables secure IT/OT integration and optimization for some of the world's most cost effective mines. ABB has unified and simplified access to these mining best practices proven in the real world under a single integrated portfolio - ABB Ability™ MineOptimize.


Introduce new approaches from idea to market

We see a plethora of technology to assist miners in their roles such as fully and semi-autonomous robots, drones, increased use of artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, digital twins, 3-D and 4-D printing and ever more innovative ways to transform. But the ROI of digital transformation isn’t traditional. Cross-functional teams need to work together with industry experts — removing inefficiencies, automating steps in the processes and changing the ways to go from idea to the market. Experimenting, piloting, learning and adapting will help prioritize the technologies with the biggest impact for each specific situation.


Keep learning with our mining experts

Taking people along on the digitalization journey is paramount, ensuring the workforce keeps up with industry transformation and new ways of working.

Once you have invested in ABB mining solutions, we do everything to help you protect your investment – with an extensive training program to continuously improve your staff's digital skills.

Our experts regularly share valuable insights about mining innovations and best practices through a quarterly newsletter and social media.


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