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Digitalization creating value and visibility for mining industry - from mine to port and from plant to enterprise

Optimized CAPEX, maximized productivity, sustainability and safety are only a few of the values that digitally connected products, services and solutions create for the mining industry. ABB unifies and simplifies access to all its engineering capabilities, system solutions, digital applications and collaborative services for mining and mineral processing.




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A unified, cross-functional, enterprise-wide approach to digital transformation in mining

What is ABB Ability™ MineOptimize?

ABB Ability™ MineOptimize in practice

World’s most cost-effective mines
Know more, do more, do better, together
Expertise at each stage of mining lifecycle
The mining company Boliden had an ambitious plan for Garpenberg, one of the oldest mines in Sweden. In addition to expanding it, they also wanted to modernize it for the digital era

Our distributed control system integrates data from all critical functions, such as water management, crushers, conveyor belts, skip loading, concentrator and pumping stations into one seamless, efficient operation

A new smart ventilation system now recognizes the location of people and vehicles in the mine and delivers fresh air on demand, increasing safety and maximizing efficiency

Round-the-clock remote monitoring services provide access to real time data about mission-critical equipment. Engineers now have the ability to make predictive maintenance decisions, before something goes wrong

The mining company Vale had an ambitious plan in the Carajás mountains of northern Brazil. In addition to a major capacity expansion, build a sustainable mine of the future in the Amazon

Our integrated electrification and automation systems enables a truckless system transport the iron ore from mine into the process plant. With lower carbon emissions, reduced operating costs and greater safety than the truck-based

A new condition monitoring system now monitors the health of production, electrical and mechanical assets in the process plant, reducing maintenance costs while improve equipment reliability and reduce unplanned shut-downs

A new ABB Service Center in Carajás with workshop, parts inventory and a remote diagnostic for monitoring and carrying out preventive actions. Being close-by site and taking action immediately avoid costly production interruptions

In the world disrupted by digital technologies, successful mining companies set the vision for the future and for empowering their employees. They combine operational excellence and innovation to quickly respond to and make the most of the changes. Together with our customers and partners like Microsoft, IBM and others, we apply proven solutions and constantly create new ones - to bring real improvements to people, help them develop new skills and discover better operational modes.
Know more

Utilize data through sensors, devices and software to know more about your business in real-time

Do more

Monitor, control and manage your devices, processes and operations on-site or remotely

Do better

Simulate, predict and optimize through tools, insights and analysis


Work hand-in-hand with our experts anywhere around the globe to transform your business

We start with the best people, engineering expertise and over a century of knowledge and know-how of electrification and process control in mines. Our team then provides integrated products, services and solutions to help mining and mineral processing customers optimize their power and productivity, performance, efficiency and safety throughout the operations lifecycle of your mining business. The result is - increased availability and lower lifetime investment costs.
Plan & design

Audit & advice
Design & engineering






Predictive maintenance
Preventive maintenance

ABB is a market leader in mine hoisting systems, mine automation, electrification. Companies of all sizes around the globe trust ABB to be their digital transformation partner. For more stories on how we shift the center of gravity towards mine optimization and digitalization, helping miners towards a new digital world - see more mining industry references.

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