White Paper: Building the all-electric mine

Mapping out the technologies and ingredients needed in the electrification of mining equipment to achieve net-zero emissions

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What's inside the white paper?

Mining Magazine x ABB

ABB’S six ingredients

Trolley lines

Charging stations

Integration with automation and digital

Under pressure from investors, governments and the general population, many of the world’s largest miners are targeting major reductions in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To reach these targets, mining companies will need to make substantial investments in the key enablers of decarbonization – namely electrification of equipment and transitioning to the use of renewables for electricity generation.

In this white paper, Mining Magazine, in association with ABB, take a deep dive into the practicalities of electrifying mobile mining equipment and, by extension, achieving an all-electric mine.


Download a white paper providing practicalities of electrifying mobile mining equipment

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The following ABB experts provided inputs to the white paper:

Mehrzad-Ashnagaran Nic Beutler
Mehrzad AshnagaranLinkedIn
Global Product Line Manager –
Electrification and Composite Plants

Nic BeutlerLinkedIn
Global Product Manager -
Power System & Charging Solutions

Marcos-Hillal Jerome Rosse

Marcos HillalLinkedIn
Global Product Line Manager -
Automation and Digital

Jerome RosseLinkedIn
Global Product Manager –

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