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ABB Ability™ Operations Management System for mining

Integration of mine operations connects workforce and equipment in real time to perform predictive production scheduling, automated execution and react to disturbance in seconds

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We can help you identify activity bottlenecks, respect resource utilization constrains, use buffers efficiently for more robust production

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Visualize actual status, replan in seconds

Enable true IT / OT integration with ISA 95

Optimize real-time work order assignment and just-in-time task management

Unite high level planning with low level control

Analyze "what-if" scenarios

The coordination between the weekly production schedule and production execution is one of the top challenges faced in modern mines, which can impact operational efficiency and raise costs.

ABB Ability™ Operations Management System integrates short interval control and the closed loop scheduling into the same digital platform.

The combination of high-level planning with low-level control allows mine operators to monitor and review mining activities based on targets, metrics and KPIs. Variances are highlighted so operators can take action either right away or at the end of the shift.

In addition, the system allows mine planner to achieve new levels of production scheduling efficiency from bench preparation to crusher, optimizing resource usage in real time and following the production plan more effectively. "What-if" scenario analysis and re-planning help take better decisions, maximizing financial returns for current feed material and production targets.

Advanced short term planning and increased automation allows the mine to act as an ore factory. This progression in mining has improved responsiveness to unplanned events and reduced production variability through all the mine stages. 

Integrated Mine Operations software becomes ABB Ability™ Operations Management System – part of  ABB Ability digital solutions portfolio
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Our holistic approach to digital transformation in mining - ABB Ability™ MineOptimize

Optimized CAPEX, maximized productivity, sustainability and safety are only a few of the values that digitally connected products, services and solutions create for the mining industry. ABB unifies and simplifies access to all its engineering capabilities, system solutions, digital applications and collaborative services for mining and mineral processing.