Innovative and flexible automation solutions for H2 powertrains

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are the next step in automotive efficiency and still very much under development, however, ABB offer a wide portfolio of EV solutions, tailored to hydrogen drive train key components. Our solutions are focused on hydrogen fuel cell stack lines and hydrogen tanks manufacturing lines, but also for battery packs and power electronics controller boxes.

Our engineered application cells and smart systems are designed to facilitate robotic component production processes such as: coating, hot pressing, welding, sealing; to end of line and final as-sembly processes.

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What we offer


Accurate, high precision coating flexible solutions to ensure quality and consistency.


Automated solutions for welding component production of fuel cell stack


Automated robotic screw fastening applications for valve assembly of H2 tanks


Flexible solutions for sealing applications of component production of fuel cell stack


Applications to support load and unload completed battery packs, as well as sorting, packing and palletizing


Our Integrated Dispensing Function Package (IDFP) enables easy and cost-efficient gluing and sealing during component production of hydrogen tanks


Solutions for hydrogen