We specialize in automotive interiors automation solutions, offering a range of advanced robotic cells for various applications.

Our expertise includes precise flaming and clipping techniques for plastic components such as dashboards, central consoles, door panel and armrests. Additionally, we provide efficient screwing and ironing applications for just in time (JIT) seats, along with textile handling and sewing capabilities specifically designed for airbags. Ensuring top-notch quality, we also offer comprehensive inspection solutions to prevent any defective parts from entering your production line.

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What we offer

Plastic flaming

Fully automated application of a gas flame to the surface of a material to improve adhesion


Flexible automated solutions for handling airbags in the sewing process


Standardized plastics assembly solution for clipping plastic auto parts, including interior components.


Automated robotic screw fastening applications for automotive interior plastics parts and just in time seats.

Quality Inspection

3D Quality Inspection system to simplify measuring on manufactured automotive parts

Ironing / Steaming

Flexible automated solutions to iron/steam JIT seats


Robotic solutions for handling automotive parts such as dashboards, seats, door panels, center consoles, etc. into the interior of the vehicle

Ultrasonic welding

Flexible automated solutions to join/weld plastic parts through high frequency ultrasonic vibrations


Solutions for automotive interior components

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