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ABB Robot Care Packages

Securing your productivity

Based on extensive experience and a true understanding of customer needs, ABB has developed four standardized Robot Care service agreement packages with ABB Ability™ Connected Services. These packages provide peace of mind, increased availability, and better performance from your installation. We also offer spare parts and labor at an optional fixed flat fee for predictable costs.

In addition to our fully flexible service agreements, we offer four standardized Robot Care service agreement packages that are based on extensive experience and an understanding of customer needs. These packages are: ABB Basic Care, ABB Preventive Care, ABB Express Care, and ABB Extended Care. Within the selectable options of our service agreement configuration tool, our experts stand ready to help you choose the service solution that suits your needs.

On customer demand, ABB’s service agreements now include spare parts and labor at an optional fixed flat fee, providing absolute control over your service costs. l

Today all ABB robots come ready to be connected to ABB Ability Connected Services, unlocking a world of possibilities in predictive, proactive and immediate support anytime, and any place. The ABB Ability Connected Services suite consists of five services: Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics, Backup Management, Remote Access, Fleet Assessment, and Asset Optimization. All of our ABB Ability Connected Services can be tailored via ABB’s Robot Care service agreements to meet a plant’s unique requirements.

Robot Care Packages

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