RobotWare Machining FC


For high quality surface finishing and cast cleaning

Improved automated grinding and finishing of castings is now possible with RobotWare Machining FC.

At the heart of RobotWare Machining FC are two advanced software features. The first, FC Pressure, lets robots grind, polish or buff castings while maintaining a constant pressure between the tool and the work piece. The second software feature, FC SpeedChange, enables a robot to deburr or deflash partline and surfaces of castings at a controlled speed, slowing down when encountering excessive burr.

Position control, the conventional approach used to clean castings, involves complex and time-consuming programming as the robot path needs to be as exact as possible. The expectation is that the grinding or polishing will then give consistent results. But in reality castings are all individual, with different tolerances, and this generates inconsistent process results. 
The RobotWare Machining GUI enables also lead through programming and automatic path learning on the FlexPendant for easy, quick and accurate programming.

ABB has developed RobotWare Machining FC to overcome this problem. It offers a number of benefits:
  • Improved process results/product quality
  • Reduced programming time
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Longer tool life

RW Machining FC is an integral part in ABB's application equipment for machining applicaitons, Integrated Force Control.


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