Introducing OmniCore

Unrivaled on the factory floor, every OmniCore controller offers best-in-class motion control, as well as 20 percent energy saving, and future-proofing through built-in digital connectivity and 1000+ scalable functions. ABB’s OmniCore robot controller family is the first significant step towards preparing customers for a new era in manufacturing. 

ABB’s robot controller family offers broadest motion control options and more tailored solutions for the connected Factory of the Future. To power the diverse manufacturing needs of the factory of the future, manufacturers need a controller that delivers unsurpassed flexibility, connectivity, and performance. 

Every controller in this product family is designed to deliver these capabilities and meet the diverse needs robot users today expect. The launch of the E10 and V250XT is the latest chapter in ABB’s OmniCore family, robots now are benefitting from the enhanced power and flexibility offered by the controllers.

The OmniCore controller journey continues, and we will keep expanding the OmniCore controller family and looking for ways to use the capabilities they deliver to make our robots even stronger and more powerful. More applications will follow, as we further roll out the OmniCore controller family across our robot portfolio.






通过运用ABB TrueMove 和QuickMove 运动控制技术,OmniCore 控制器可提供行业领先的运动控制功能、速度和路径精度。


通过开箱即可接入的ABB Ability™ 数字化平台和互联服务,OmniCore 控制器将提供易操作的智能化预测性维护服务。OmniCore 控制器提供的物联网网关可同时支持OPC UA 和MQTT 数据传输。

1000 余种可扩展功能

OmniCore 控制器可根据客户需求进行扩展,支持包括RobotWare, SafeMove、TrueMove、QuickMove、外部引导运动控制、停驻位置模拟、集成视觉、Wizard 简易编程、Robot Control Mate等硬件和软件功能及应用扩展。


采用节能的能量回馈技术和制动能量回收技术,与ABB 之前的IRC5 控制器相比,能耗减少了20%,节能效果显著。


Unleashes the full potential of true, safe collaboration between people and robots. SafeMove also enables building compact cells and factories, replacing rigid, costly steel fences with safe, digital supervision and real-time monitoring.







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