Precision Casting

Investment casting is still a very labor extensive industry. There are, however, excellent opportunities for automation.

With the IRB 7600 power robot, ABB has the right tool combining power and precision for a boost in productivity.

With a steady increase in performance, robots already found their way into applications like shell making or post production processes like the grinding or polishing of the cast parts. The robot-based automation of wax tree mounting is the next step for progressive foundries looking for new ways to optimize the output and flexibility in investment casting.

The IRB 7600’s long arm version features a reach of up to 3.5 m and a handling capacity of 150 kg allowing seamless integration in almost any existing production line. Sheltered by ABB’s unique FoundryPlus protection including IP 67 tightness, none of the explosive, alcohol-based slurry can enter the machine while handling the wax trees. Increases in productivity of up to 40 percent guarantee short payback time and an excellent return on investment.

Clean Operation Guaranteed
With new, innovative features like optional filters preventing moist dust from clogging the fans, heat sinks, and air channels, the IRC5 robot-controller is perfectly prepared to provide state-of-the-art process control in precision casting applications. Optional metal mesh or polymeric filters prevent moist particles and dust from entering the controller and guarantee safe and reliable process operation while reducing the need or maintenance to a minimum.


Main Applications

  • Pattern and gating system manufacturing
    • Extraction, Handling
  • Assembly pattern to cluster
    • Handling, gluing
  • Cluster coating and investing
    • Handling
  • Metal Pouring
    • Ladling
  • Shell Cracking


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