IRB 6620


The IRB 6620 is a flexible and agile robot with a large working envelope. The robot combines four robots in one: floor-standing, tilted or inverted mounted and shelf capability. This compact robot opens up opportunities for new flexible and improved line concepts. Functions that all help saving floor space, creating higher robot density and shorter lines.


Key features

The agile large robot
This relatively small and compact robot is easy to install thanks to its low weight. In spite of its small size neither the handling capacity nor the reachability are affected. The robot’s compactness and shelf capability also make it ideally suited for applications where robots are placed on different levels. The shelf mounted robot may in this case be tilted to increase space between the two levels.

With the IRB 6620 you get a flexible and cost efficient solution that generates high uptime and lower production costs.

Machine tending
IRB 6620 is suited for machine tending applications such as Die Casting and Injection Molding, that requires minimized extraction time. 
The main benefit is the huge working range downwards making the robot ideal to mount on top of a machine working downward to save costly floor space. Another benefit in different material handling also saving floor space applications is the IRB 6620 ability to work inverted mounted. In all these configuration the installation will benefit form the very low weight of the robot.

Main applications:
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Handling
  • Spot Welding


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